Madrid Part 2

The wifi hasn’t been the best throughout my travels so it took a bit of time to get this post up for you! I apologize for the wait – here is Part 2 of my Madrid trip.

This day was one of my favorites. We spent the morning walking through Parque Del Retiro and then wandered until we found the local Mercato. We tried different local cuisines as we explored through the halls of vendors, food and wine until we couldn’t eat or drink anything else. Calamari seemed to be the big ticket item as there were too many stands for me to count. However, once I tried every kind of Calamari they had to offer I understood what all of the hype was about because it was to die for!

After that we ventured off through the winding streets, finding our way into Piaza Mayor and then off to the Palace of Madrid to watch the sunset. If you look closely in the last photo you can see Mercury shining in the sky. I have a huge thing for planets so it happens to be my favorite part of the whole picture – who needs a palace when you can have a planet??

xx Meagan

PS. The outfit I wore can be seen below. This dress was a godsend when it came to hiding my food baby!