Legendary Travel Gift Guide


Why legendary? Because these items below will help you to stay chic while on your journey to building a “legendary” story like this one from Contiki. Those of you who travel often know how much of a life changing experience it can be. What I found so inspiring about this story is how much of an impact Julie made on the group she was travelling with. I can tell you that when you are travelling solo, who you meet can change the entire experience of your trip so having someone as inspirational as Julie is truly lucky. I am both jealous and inspired by this Contiki Legend and I know you will be too. If you’re not, you’re probably not human.

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They also have an awesome ‘part pay’ program, where you can get friends of family to contribute to the cost of a trip. It’s kind of like a piggy bank and perfect for the holidays. Details are HERE


xx Meagan