Kimono love

I have had this pink Kimono for almost two years and I think I have maybe worn it once. I usually feel like I am swimming in it but lucky for me my boyfriend knows how to pick a good outfit. Yep, that’s right.. I can’t even take credit for this look. The truth is,  I wasn’t really up for the idea of shooting today. I was feeling “blah” and couldn’t get myself into it. My beau decided this was unacceptable because the sun was shining and I have been working my butt off. I was still uninterested so he decided to literally lock me in the bathroom to get ready while he picked the outfit.

Now I am glad he did! I felt pretty in pink and I got to find about eight beautiful purple shells while shooting! Seashells make me so happy. 🙂


May5 final2


May 5 final 3


May5 - 1 final