Ode to Italia

Since it’s Milan Fashion Week I thought it best to pay homage to Italy by sharing pieces of my recent travels.

Unfortunately I did not make it to Milan, but I did spend a lot of time in Rome and I fell in love with it right away. Not for it’s sights, but for it’s character. In Rome you have so many beautiful things to see wherever you go. The Colosseum, The Vatican, Trevi Fountain etc. Personally I think Rome’s real beauty is found hidden in the┬áback roads where cafes and apartments collide and the families gather in the street sharing a coffee and a cigarrette just to enjoy time together.

Those sights are what really make Rome a beautiful city and are a true reflection of the beauty of Italian culture. I have seen a lot of Europe and I need to let you all know that Italy is by far one of my favorite places to go. I dream about it regularly and consider Rome to be my “happy place”.

Here are some snaps from my trip, I spent nearly 16 hours walking in one day so I think it’s safe to say I have seen a lot!


My favorite shot of Rome – a little restaurant hidden in the back roads free of too many tourists (other than myself and my friend pf course) and violinist just happened to appear.

rome 3

rome 2

NOTE: When walking for 16 hours, Zara shoes are not the wise choice.

rome 11

rome 6

rome 4

rome 9