How To Style Your Parka


The temperature is quickly dropping. You can almost see the ice start to freeze! The cold is the only part of winter that I hate so in an effort to stay warm, I’m adding a parka to my birthday list this year. This one from Fjallraven Canada is the closest one to my style that I could find that is actually designed to keep you warm throughout the winter.

In previous years, I was stuck looking like the Michelin Man after resorting to your typical down-filled coat. I hated every single picture of me that was taken while wearing it so I told myself I would invest in something better this year. Something that would keep me warm, and something I felt pretty in and this jacket does that for me. I’ve put together a little collage to see how it pairs against the clothes I wear the most and the result makes me feel confident that I’ve picked the right jacket. I can’t wait to see if I was right! If you’re looking at styling your own parka, you could try doing something similar to what I did with one of these jackets and using some of the extra inspiration below.


parka-inspo-1 parka-inspo-3 parka-inspo-2


photos via Pinterest.



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