What to Bring in Your Carry-On Bag

As of right now, I’m sitting in the Plaza Premium Lounge at the Toronto Pearson Airport on route to Spain and Ireland for my next biggest adventure. A lot of you have been seeing the #ContikiIreland posts across my social media platforms so you know exactly how excited I am and how grateful I am to get to have this opportunity to partner with Contiki on what will without a doubt be one of the best adventures of my life!

We will be starting this adventure in Spain but will be headed to Ireland for a quick visit on June 28th before beginning our Contiki tour on July 1st! Sorry Canada, I’ll be celebrating our Nations birthday in Ireland this year (not sorry!). We will start the adventure in Dublin where we will get to embrace travel through the city, tour Trinity College and embrace the Irish pub culture! From there we will head to Londonderry, Galway, Cork and Kilkenny!!! I’m so excited to travel with the Contiki team, make some new friends and build some memories that will last forever. You can also book your own Contiki adventure and even save a bit of cashola using my discount code – I’ve attached it for your booking pleasure at the bottom of this post. Maybe I’ll see you on the next adventure!

Now, we all know that the most obvious part of preparing for travel is packing, but I can never seem to get it right no matter how often I fly. This time I decided to make myself a few lists (woohoo!) and so today I thought I’d share one with you!

xx Meagan


Living Boldly Carry-On Essentials:

1.) A durable, lightweight and fashionable (of course) backpack or tote bag – I prefer this Herschel Supply Co. one because it’s comfortable to carry and doesn’t make me look too nerdy.

2.) A backup outfit, complete with an extra pair of shoes in case my luggage gets lost. I like this Herschel one because it’s comfortable, big enough to hold everything I want to bring and it’s cute!

3.) Makeup, Deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrush to keep you feeling fresh throughout your travels

4.) Headphones, iPad, iPhone for entertainment and to stay connected while you are away

5.) Sunglasses and a Hat for protection from the sun, essential for sunny destinations!

6.) Watch, a smart accessory that keeps time when your iPhone dies – come on, we’ve all been there!

7.) Camera to capture the memories you make. I prefer the InstaxMini so you can print out your memories as you go and share them with any new friends you might make!

9.) Itinerary so you can organize yourself before you arrive

10.) Passport, Wallet, Credit Cards, local currency – these are your absolute necessities

You can shop these items that I have included in the post by clicking any of the images below: