How to make a little white dress a little less white

I have never been a fan of white dresses because  I have always felt like they don’t flatter my body type. However when I got this lovely number from Wal-G in the mail this week, I quickly changed my mind! This white mesh dress gives a bit of a modern spin on the classic dainty white dress. The mesh paneling is a bit of a rage this summer all over the world but especially in Australia which is known for being miles ahead on the trend front. Good on Wal-G for staying ahead of the fashion game and offering cute little numbers like these at such affordable prices! I decided to make mine a little less white and a little more rebellious with a studded leather jacket and gold studded pumps. For more on Wal-G you can find a direct link on the Living Boldly homepage and linked throughout this post.

I want to send a big thank you to my PR group etailPR and to Wal-G for this great number which can be found HERE.