How To Edit Images for A Flawless Instagram Feed

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Happy Monday folks! Today marks the first post of my blogging series! You know, that one I’ve been talking about doing for months now and haven’t actually started? Yeah, that one.

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to edit images for Instagram so that they look consistent. The trick is simply finding an editing style that you like, and repeating it the same way with EVERY image you upload. That way each image will compliment the other.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using my preferred techniques as an example. Don’t be afraid to experiment or use other apps if you already have one that you like to use!

<center> How To Edit Images For a Flawless Instagram Feed: 

1. Choose Your Editing Apps.  My favourite are  VSCO and Afterlight.

2. Find the image you want to edit

3. Next, open the image in Afterlight. Then use the clarity tool and the exposure to brighten up your image to your liking. The best part about Afterlight is that you can keep repeating your steps until you get the best look. For example, once you increase the brightness all the way – you can go back and increase it again if you’re not happy!

how to edit images in afterlight, how to edit images for instagram

4. Save the image to your Camera Roll

5. Open the edited image in VSCO and apply the filter of your liking

6. Adjust the strength of the filter (5-7 is suggested to keep the image looking more natural)

how to edit images in VSCO, How to edit images for instagram

7. Increase the sharpness of the image, but only by one or two points (this is key to maintain the quality) and save!

8. Use this technique and the same filter in VSCO with every image you post! This is how you create a consistent, curated feed! 

EXTRA TIP: VSCO lets you copt the edits you made and apply them to new images as you upload them into the app. Saving you from having to memorize each move you made. All you need to do is upload your image into your VSCO library, highlight the previous image, select the “…” option, hit copy edits and paste edits onto your newly uploaded image!

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