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We’ve safely landed in France for Paris Fashion Week and I can tell you that the minute I got off the plane, I was instantly transported to another time. That time was three weeks ago when I was freezing my ass off in New York City. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is significantly warmer than NYC, but there is a chill about the city that reminds me of the horrible winter experience we had during NYFW.

One of the biggest challenges I faced this season was trying to dress to keep myself warm in the -25 degree weather, while still looking decent enough to attend a fashion show. I still haven’t fully figured it out, but I think I came pretty close with this outfit from Chicwish. These faux leather Balmain-look-a-likes and this faux fur coat kept me so warm during Fashion Week in New York. In fact, they are one of the only pairs of pants I brought for the week and you can see I wore them more than once – oops!

My favourite part of the outfit is the quilted faux-fur coat though. It was just the right length for my body that it didn’t make me look top heavy like other fur coats tend to do. It’s quilted look also added some extra dimension that made it different than your typical fur coat. Some of you may be wondering how warm synthetic fur really is. Although it’s not as high-quality as a real fur coat, it did keep me incredibly warm in comparison to some of the other synthetics I have worn in the past. Plus, it’s animal friendly which is a bonus for this fashionista right here.

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Anyways, onto the really important stuff.

Tips for How to Dress for Winter in New York:
– I know it’s tempting to wear dresses for Fashion Week or to the office, but no matter how long, flowy or how high the boots you pair with it, a dress will NOT keep you warm. TRUST ME. WEAR PANTS!

– Layer up. I wore a form fitting body suit under my shirts. It reduced the amount of cold air flow and was practically invisible under my outfits.

– Wear thick socks in your booties. This is difficult with certain boots, but its very necessary. If you can’t squeeze them in, just try to double up on a pair of your thin ankle socks. It won’t be perfect, but it will definitely help.

– Bring gloves! It amazed me how many people were not wearing something as simple as a pair of gloves. A good pair of leather (or faux-leather) gloves will go a long way. They will last forever and will keep your fingers safe from the cold. They also are small enough that you can tuck them away in your clutch when you get inside, reducing the amount of bulk you may have to carry around between shows or meetings.