Homemade Jeans and Lazy Days

I have been noticing lately that I  am getting really used to lazy days. Now when I say lazy I don’t mean lazy in it’s true form of “doing absolutely nothing”, I mean lazy as in long walks, taking my time, not rushing from place to place and enjoying the things around me.

What does this mean for me? It means walking the long way to get somewhere, listening to my iTunes on random so it’s like a surprise with every song. It means going for a run in the woods of Stanley Park instead of on the busy paths of the Seawall just to get away from having to bounce between people. I guess all these things don’t really add up to being lazy, but if you understood how busy my life is during the week you would know why this is extremely relaxing for me.

What did I wear on this relaxing day?  I wore these destroyed denim jeans that I made myself before leaving the house. I was actually going to throw this pair out but instead I decided to try to get creative and rip the heck out of them because it seems to be all the rage lately. I didn’t do an awesome job, but I actually like that they aren’t perfect.. isn’t that the point of destroyed denim in the first place?

I simply took a steak knife to them and used the serrated blade to fray them as I cut. Probably not the most graceful or safest way to make destroyed jeans.. but pretty easy all the same.

If you don’t want to get violent with your jeans you can use scissors and cut open your hole and use a hairbrush or a firm-bristled brush to fray them as well.   You can distress them using a nutmeg grinder if you don’t want a hole all the way through. It’s really up to you!

xxx Meagan

Outfit details : sunnies- Ardene,  shirt – Loft82, jeans – Forever 21 and moi, watch – Michael Kors, bag – Michael Kors, shoes – Converse, 



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