Half-Marathon Training Plan – VegaSport


As you guys know, I have done my fair share of Half-Marathons in my life. I love them and I love running. It’s like I am a junkie for the runner high! Once you do your first, if you haven’t already, you will know exactly what I mean. It’s like an addiction you can’t quite shake. As much as I love running, I have to admit that the first Half-Marathon I did was painful. I hadn’t trained properly (or at all) and I ran for over two hours and hated most of it. My legs felt like jelly and my knees were in pain. The knee part was probably due to bad shoes, but the majority of the pain I was feeling was due to poor training.

For those of you training for your first Half, or for your 25th, here is a great guide to follow courtesy of Vega and their new VegaSport #FuelYourBetter resources that you can find HERE. You can register to get weekly tips and resources to help keep you on track for race day – something I wish I had before my grueling first run! If you’re working on a shorter run, or just looking for the right nutrition plan to fuel your run, you can still use these plans to find what you need!


Here is some of my favorite running gear for your shopping pleasure:

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