Hair Care: Why I Choose AXIS

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A couple of weeks ago at the Simons event, I was asked what I think the best product for my hair was. Truthfully, my hair is one of my biggest assets, it’s thick, auburn and unique and it’s part of what sets me apart. I’m by no means a hair guru, and to be honest I actually SUCK at doing my hair, but it’s still important to me and that’s why I pride myself in taking the best care of it.

About a year ago, Renee from AXIS here in Vancouver and I went for a coffee and she asked me to come in and give AXIS a try. At the time, my hair was unkept and damaged from box dying. Yes, I do dye my hair now, although its very close to my natural colour which has unfortunately started to fade even in my twenties! ACK!

All of this damage, plus gross buildup has left my scalp in pretty rough shape and apparently everything I was doing, right down to the shampoo (which I THOUGHT was organic) was making it worse!

Renee brought me in, introduced me to Katie (one of my favorite people!) who proceeded to transform my hair back to a healthy state. You may have seen my previous post on her work HERE. I’ve also recently been introduced to Tara who helped prep me for Fashion Month!

There are a few things that make AXIS so unique is their team, most of their stylists are young professionals who have been with them for many years. They pride themselves on creating a positive team atmosphere which is reflected by how you feel when you walk in as a customer. There is nothing worse than walking into a salon and feeling like you’re just another body in their seat. AXIS makes you feel like a guest in their home and like everyone around you is a part of an extended family. It’s by far one of my favorite things about them and why I trust them so much with one of my biggest assets.

Another part of what makes them so unique is their products, which I now recommend to everyone. I’ve even converted my boyfriend over who now uses it daily. Their products are all paraben & perfume free and are environmentally friendly. The “Vanil e Mint” shampoo and the “Te Tre” conditioner I use daily has been one of the best treatments for my scalp that I have EVER had, and each bottle is only $20 ! I also use their “Mor” Oil Treatment regularly which gives my hair that extra shine you all keep asking me about 🙂

I know some of you don’t live in the Vancouver area, but if you are ever in the area they are definitely a place that you should try to pop into and if you are in the area, I recommend you try them out because they are DEFINITELY worth it.

Thank you to AXIS for continuing to make me look and feel great!

PS. This post was not sponsored or solicited by AXIS, I simply wanted to share my love for a local brand that deserves it. 🙂

PPS. Yes, I know I need to go in and get my roots done, it’s on my mile-high to-do list!

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