Givenchy in the streets

Florence stopped by this weekend for a 4 day slumber party and naturally we decided it was a good time to get in at least one shoot between the pillow fights and the Vampire Diaries.

Something I love about Florence and I is that even after over 15 years of friendship and growing up and into our different lives, we still meet in the middle and are able to laugh and be the same as we were when we were kids. The only difference is that now we have added a pinch more alcohol, loud music and bad choices in the mix. I should say bad choices and great ones too. We never fail to have an awesome time, I simply fail to recover for the next consecutive week afterwards. Just joking, we really aren’t that terrible and aren’t actually pretty bad at making bad decisions. We just like to pretend that we are bad-ass and with outfits like this one, who would argue with us?

xoxo Meagan


June 3 - 3

Jacket – Ukla | Tee – Givenchy | Watch – Chanel | Envelope Skort – Fashion Effects | Shoes – York | Bag – Zara

June 3 - 2

June 3 - 4

June 3- 1