fortune favours the BOLD


Today we have a special feature of some work Maldini did in the Netherlands this week. My fabulous boyfriend styled this whole outfit for Ariana Cruz for a casual night out. This outfit pulls casual and chic together andĀ gives the already beautiful Ariana a bold urban vibe for the night!

Fortune favors the BOLD is a favorite quote of mine for obvious reasons. I thought I would share it along with the shots this week in this collage I put together because it acts as a reminder to keep living boldly. I have never really talked about why I called this blog Living Boldly because I feel the name speaks for itself. Seek new limits, live with no fear, follow your dreams…. I am sure you get the picture. I just can’t imagine a better way to live!

Stay tuned for more work from Maldini over the next few weeks!

xxx Meagan