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There is nothing more irritating than ruining a pair of heels that you love. Unfortunately, the lifespan of a good shoe is limited when you live in a place with variable weather conditions and terrain. Whether it be rain, snow, grass, dirt or cobblestone, all of these factors are deadly to a good pair of heels.

That’s why I was so excited to find The Solemates! Does the name sound familiar? You may have seen them in Oprah Magazine, People, Elle Magazine or the New York Times. Their innovative shoe care technology designed for women has made them famous and has been a god send to shoes all over the world!

The Solemates first innovation came in the form of their “HighHeeler” which was designed to prevent heels from sinking into the grass. Personally, being from a more urban city, I prefer to use them as additional protection for my heels as seen below. I have a bad tendency of getting my heels stuck in the grills of an escalator (seriously) or scraping them on the cement as I speed to and from my meetings. The Solemates HighHeeler helps protect the heel and prevent this type of damage.

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As they grew within the shoe world they realized there was a need for shoe care products made specifically for women. Think about it. How often do we see shoe protector or shoe buffs that are made specifically for women’s shoes? Never, but it’s very common to see lines designed specifically for men. That is why the Solemates decided to launch their new line of Cobbler’s Couture products. They are fulilling the desires of women all over the world by catering to their shoe care needs. The Protector was perfect for keeping my favorite suede & leather heels safe as I ventured throughout the city this week. The Blister Blocker also saved my LIFE this past weekend while I was in my heels for almost 20 hours in my best friends wedding this past weekend!



Also, have you noticed how cute their design is? That pink really does make them look good doesn’t it? I mean who isn’t a sucker for a product that’s as pretty as it is practical??

You can find their products online at or on

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To shop my outfit see below:

A big thank you to The Solemates for partnering with me on this post and to all of my readers for stopping by! Happy Shopping!

xoxo Meagan

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