Finding My Own Way

finding yourself self discovery personal growth

I feel like I have been writing a lot of these personal posts lately and probably because these are the real feelings I have been having as I transition into the realm of full-time blogging.

So often we compare ourselves to others and for business reasons, sometimes that is a good thing! It’s important to monitor and stay on top of the trends by looking at what those around you are doing. That’s how a trend BECOMES a trend.

The only problem is, we as bloggers need to find the line. Part of what makes us so unique in the blogging world is the fact that we are all different. I am my own person, and you are your own person and we each have our own style. Even if you take inspiration from someone else, you will always be putting your own spin on something just because its you in the outfit, not them. I find that I need to remind myself of this and not let it get me down if I am not quite where I want to be yet. I found when I first started blogging I spent a lot of time wearing outfits that I didn’t actually like just because I saw how much OTHERS really liked them. It was effective for a while, but it wasn’t me and it wasn’t what I wanted my blog to be and I regret ever going down that road.

Subconsciously I began to question myself and had to remind myself why I started this personal blog in the first place. To be my own person and live boldly. To be honest, I wasn’t living up to that message. I’m proud to say that the last year of my blogging journey, maybe even more like the last 8 months, I have focussed on transforming back into myself and staying true to my own style and it’s been so powerful for me as a person. It lets me be me and to love that about myself.

Sometimes It’s hard not to think, “okay maybe I need to wear brighter colours because people like them more. Especially pink, everyone loves pink!”

Yet lately I have been realizing that my followers have noticed the transition and although I have lost a few pink lovers along the way, I have noticed that most of them have actually liked the real me more. Probably because the change has also allowed me to feel more comfortable with myself and share more about myself along the way.

gap clothing grey coat self help

finding yourself self discovery personal growth

finding yourself self discovery personal growth

finding yourself self help personal growth

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