Feeling Beautulleful in NYC


Do you want to know a secret? I never for one second thought that I could ever look or feel good in a Tulle skirt. I have a tricky body, that fluctuates like Oprah’s and I have never been blessed with a tiny waist. In fact, I don’t think I have one at all? I’m just straight and boyish. A lot of the times these factors make it very difficult to wear certain skirts and gowns because they don’t flatter me as much as they may others.

HOWEVER. The minute I tried this skirt from Beautulleful on I was in love. There is nothing that makes you feel more like a princess than a pretty outfit and this one made me feel just like that. There is also something about Tulle in particular that makes you just want to prance around like a little girl with fairy wings. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular among ballerinas? All I know is that I have never felt more like a girly-girl than when I wore this skirt and inside (and outside) I was glowing the entire time. I’m sure those of you that have worn one can relate!

Here are some of my favorite shots in my Beautulleful skirt during my time in NYC. You can also get your own skirt and save 10% by using the code “LivingBoldly10” at checkout. Offer valid until Thursday October 1 at 11:59pm!

xx Meagan