DIY Project with CIL


As some of you fashionistas may know, living in a small space with limited closet capacity is a nightmare! My closet space is even more limited because I have to share half of it with my boyfriend! Can you imagine how difficult this is when sharing a small downtown apartment? It’s nearly impossible. The only way I get by is by piling my clothes on the top rack as high as I can get them, and by squishing all of my hanging items together. Some hangers are holding multiple dresses or blouses as well.

Thankfully, I’ve teamed up with CIL paint to put an end to this problem by creating a free standing industrial wardrobe that looks good, is affordable to make, and which I can place in our den to hold some of my favourite items for the season. The freestanding racks are popular among fashion bloggers and after seeing so many of them in my Pinterest feed, I decided I definitely needed to have one. I’m sure you all know the racks I am talking about. They are often found in designer boutiques and I just can’t wait to see how my wardrobe looks on one of them!

Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend $600 on a rack, and why would you want to when you can easily make one yourself for under $200!


The CIL Ask An Expert team was incredibly helpful when it came to getting started. They helped us choose the best shade of grey paint for the rack that would complement the existing white walls and dark wooden floors that we have in the den. The rack we were using for inspiration was actually black, but the CIL Ask An Expert team recommended that we use the Dark Secret 00NN 05/000 shade from the DL51 family of colours. We decided a dark colour was also best because the most affordable set of pipes were already a dark tint.

This charcoal grey is one of their darkest greys and should help us cover and smooth out any imperfections. Dark Secret 00NN 05/000 also has just a touch of warm undertones, which help give the shade more depth and give the metal a luxurious vibe.

Since interior paint isn’t commonly used on metal pipes, the CIL experts suggested that we opt for the CIL Plus for doors and trim (available at RONA). CIL Plus is a paint and primer in one, which helps to cover scuffs and marks and make it more durable against hanger marks! The dark charcoal will also go great with the copper accents on the pipes and complement the cedar base, making it look far more luxurious than if you were just planning on using the metal piping as is. Something very important the CIL expert also recommended is using Galvanized piping as this is the only type of metal piping that the paint will adhere to.



I’m not the handiest of people; in fact I’m the definition of clumsy in all forms, but I’m definitely ready to take this project on! My boyfriend and I have already started buying our supplies and are going to be putting the project together over the next little while! Be sure to check back here in a couple of weeks for the final results.


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