Deville Cafe & Wine Bar




Deville. One word that marks the favorite part of our work day. We go there everyday, sometimes twice a day to enjoy our daily cappuccino intake and to  enjoy the highly trendy atmosphere in the Fashion Central location, one of their three spots. Founder Paul Brassard is a gem and knows the true meaning of customer service. He goes above and beyond to please his customers and he and his staff make a point of remembering your face and name to build a friendly relationship with you each time you enter by greeting you on a personal level.

The coffee and the food offered are both high quality and worth the higher-than-average, but still not too pricey cost.



All of the food is baked in house at their Bridgeland location, including their macaroons which are a Living Boldly fave!

They currently have three locations in Calgary. The best in our  opinion being in Bridgeland because it has the most variety available for you and a bigger wine selection which is a necessity if you ask us!