“Raised in the province of Manitoba and born in the provincial capital, Winnipeg, designer Dorian Kitsch was brought up in a home that allowed her creativity to flourish. From an early age she harnessed the craft of an artist through drawing, coloring, and designing outfits for Barbie dolls from her Mother’s fabric scraps.In 2004 Dorian attended Olds College, earning a Certificate in Fashion Marketing, and a Diploma in Fashion Design. With her degree in hand she transitioned to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2008 to begin her working career. She found success moving through the retail industry with experience at store level and corporate head office.  Yet, something was missing and she soon realized that she needed a medium to express herself. Dorian found jewelry and began experimenting by taking it apart and recreating it with her own twist. The brand CoutuKitsch was born – November, 2010.The CoutuKitsch collection is hand crafted using a combination of old meets new through vintage supplies, precious metals, and beautiful gemstones. Through this channel CoutuKitsch prides itself on creating a contrast that is, unexpected, beautiful, and ultimately unique. Resulting in a product suited for a customer who is not afraid to express themselves and make a statement.
We had a chance to link up with Dorian, see below for her interview with us.
1.) When did you start designing?
I first started designing jewelry in October of 2010. It happened by chance, I took apart an old necklace and made some really cool earrings with the pieces. I went to the store to pick up some basic jewelry making tools and supplies and the business just grew from there!
2.) What inspired you to begin?
I went to College for Fashion Design and have always enjoyed being creative. After school I found myself working a 9-5 desk job and was feeling really uninspired and desperately needed a creative outlet. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to be doing but eventually I was able to find the right balance between my day job and what started as a hobby.
3.) CoutuKitsch is a unique name, where did it come from?
I originally came up with the business name years before Ii started making jewelery while studying fashion design in college. Coutu is Metis and is the last name of my grandfather, my dad’s biological father. Kitsch is a German name and it comes from my dad’s step father. I use the surname Kitsch, but I wanted to incorporate my Metis heritage and represent my family. I also just think the name sounds cool!
4.) What is your goal for CoutuKitsch?
Our goal is to become a well known hand-made Canadian jewelry brand.
5.) What are your favourite pieces to date?
Oooh that’s tough…I love anything with pyrite and quartz crystals but I would have to say my favorite piece is the Hand Armor (unfortunately it is sold out, I’ve attached a picture for you to use)
6.) What is one thing people would not know about you or CoutuKitsch?
My nickname is doe, and because I am known to be a bit of a perfectionist, my family calls me O.C.Doe instead of O.C.D…  I think it’s funny!

A big thanks to Dorian for taking the time to connect with us!! She is an inspiration.

Here are a few shots of some of her work. Make sure you check out  her website for products and to find out more about this amazing woman.

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