Convey the Moment


Let’s talk about Eleni, and then let’s hear a little more about her. She is the newest blogger in town and her reflection on life and the moments she “conveys” inspire so many people around the world already. Her new blog depicts her life  in all it’s beauty and the sincerity of her posts make you love her and respect her.

During our interview with her, we had the opportunity to delve a little deeper into this fashionista’s life. Check out our interview with her below:

Let’s talk style: 
“My style undeniably ranges from super casual to girly girly.  I feel what I wear reflects my personality as well as how I am feeling each day.  My whole life people have commented on how I dress and it is interesting cause I have never had a personal interest in fashion.  As time has passed, I have began to become more involved with the world of fashion and found ways to let people who are extremely interested inspire me. I feel my clothing is sort of the artistic side of my personality, if that makes any sense at all.”

Conveying the moment:
“When I first came up with conveythemoment was even before I had the idea of a blog.  I just sat there for a minute and asked my self what I wanted my instagram to be about and it literally was that simple.  I decided my main purpose is to convey moments of my life to people who are following me and it just sort of stuck. ”



A moment of inspiration:
When I was a little girl someone once told me when I grow up I was going to do something great (this might be a good indication of what type of attitude I had as a child haha).

I always thought that meant becoming the next Oprah, seriously, as a little girl I honestly thought I was going to have my own talk show and impact the world so deeply (I say this while laughing).

My husband just mentioned the idea of starting a blog one day in passing and then I just decided to run with it.  I feel I am able to still do the great things I have always wanted to do on a smaller level through blogging.  I can express who I am as a human being and just by being myself I get to inspire others.  I feel this is truly something great.

The end goal:
I have given this question a lot of thought, not only because you are asking me, but also when I was creating conveythemoment.  I asked my self what do I want to come from this?  My biggest wish is to inspire individuals all around the world.  I want them to find expressions of themselves through fashion, to fuel their bodies with good food and to just choose to live a little kinder.