Contiki Ireland Day 7 & 8 – The Final Stretch


This post is long overdue and I’m sure you’ve been wondering what happened on the last two days of my Contiki Ireland tour. After cycling through Kilkenny, staying in the weirdest hotel that you have ever seen and partying in the weirdest club you have ever seen we boarded the bus and made our way back to Dublin where we would be saying our goodbyes.


Day 7:
Once we made it back to Dublin, we headed straight for the Guinness Brewery to get the full blown Guinness experience. It was here where I learned how to be a professional Guinness pourer and got to feel and smell the barley that is used to make one of the most famous beers in the world. Did you know the color of Guinness isn’t really brown or black like most think? It’s actually ruby red. Guinness is a bit of an acquired taste and most people can’t really handle it. I personally love it!! The only hard part is how heavy it is. It’s pretty much as filling as a whole meal so if you’re a light eater like myself, don’t attempt to pair it with anything.

After the Guinness experience we let loose and explored the city by foot at our own pace. Since I had just been to Dublin, I took this time to find a coffee shop called Kaff that was recommended to us on our Food and Fashion Tour. I had a great cup of coffee, wrote some blog posts, and just chilled out. It was a perfect way for me to catch up on some alone time.

Once our freetime was up, we headed back to the hotel for a quick shower before heading out to the Merry Ploughboy’s for our last dinner as a group. It was the epitome of everything Irish under one roof. Celtic dancing, Celtic music, Guinness, Irish folk music, you name it and they probably had it. It was my favorite dinner stop of the whole tour just because of the atmosphere and the experience I had while I was there. It was also the saddest place we went, because everyone knew that the next morning would be our last day together. Friendships that had formed were treasured on this night via handholding and group singing. It was a pretty magical moment for us as a group and it makes me sad just thinking about it.








Day 8:
The morning was here, and as per our trip manager’s orders we were all forced to wake up at the crack of dawn to say goodbye to each and every person who we had spent the last week getting to know. It was definitely early, but definitely worth it. There were so many tears of sadness when we stood back and waved as our Trip Manager James and our Driver Derek drove off. I don’t really know how they can handle the goodbyes on these trips. I guess they must get used to it and I must just be a huge baby.
Either way, I will definitely dread this day going forward as I prepare myself for other Contiki trips to come.



xx Meagan

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