Chili Chocolate-ish Protein with VegaSport




That’s right, chilli and chocolate.. in a bowl.

Some of you have probably had this magical combination before and if you have, you will know exactly why I decided to re-create it in smoothie form with VegaSport Mocha protein powder. To be honest, I just can’t justify eating rich dark chocolate and chili every single day without feeling guilty. Everything is fine in moderation, but I don’t do moderation well in ANY part of my life so I decided to make something I could enjoy without feeling guilty. Why wouldn’t I feel guilty? Well chili has zero calories and is GREAT for the metabolism. Chocolate is good for the soul AND for the heart.

The recipe is really simple! Here’s all you’ll need:

-one scoop of VegaSport, Mocha flavor or Chocolate flavor – I chose Mocha today
-two tablespoons of chili powder (if you’re a fan of the heat)
-handful of organic raw almonds
-almond milk


-combine all ingredients together in a bowl using just enough milk to lightly cover the contents
-mix together until you achieve the texture of pudding

That’s it! The Mocha flavour has enough natural sweetness that it will counteract the bitterness of the chili.