Chasing Sunlight

It’s interesting how many people ask me why I don’t post more fashion posts, they always seem to be the most popular.. why not do more of them?

Here’s my two answers as to why. Honestly, its REALLY hard to shoot more than once or twice a week, especially in the winter. If I want to shoot fashion looks in the winter I usually can only do them on the weekends because when I leave for work during the week it’s dark out. When I am done work and class, it’s also dark out. Another reason I tend to post a bit less on the fashion side of things is because fashion is not the only thing that I am passionate about. I am really passionate about the fitness and the travel aspect as well and I think its equally important to share that balance with you guys.

Bear with me fashionistas! During the spring/summer it’s SO much easier.  I often post more looks around this time because I can actually get a shoot done  in the morning before work or after work because the days are getting longer. On Tuesday for example, Thomas Bullock and I shot these babies at 5:30 pm as the sun was going down – grabbing the last bit of the days light! It was fun, and really quick. Poor Thomas was speed walking his way around Yaletown with me to get the perfect backdrop and judging from these photos I really think he nailed it!

I hope you like these as much as I do!

xx Meagan







Wearing : H&M Sweater – sold out – similar HERE  // Leggings // Michael Kors Boots // Daniel Wellington Watch // Balenciaga Glasses

  • Ellie Maple Syrup & Teacups

    Great post and pics! I agree it’s hard to fit in lots of outfit shoots, especially when it’s freezing out or dark morning and evening,

  • I love the simplicity of this outfit, and those boots are amazing! These photos are phenomenal! I can totally relate – I find it so hard to take outfit photos in general! I don’t know how other bloggers do it! I’m lucky if I’m able to get decent outfit photos once every other week!!