Chasing Freedom





Words cannot describe how much I value my own happiness. Maybe that makes me sound self-centered, but I would disagree. Our level of happiness defines our mood and our persona. When your happiness levels drop, your mood changes (obviously) and your aura completely changes.

I have been feeling this change in myself lately. I am tired, run down from being so busy all the time. I have given up a lot of the things that make me happy in order to succeed in all of the things I choose to do with my life. As a result I have become bitter lately. I miss the freedom I used to have. This is not to say that I can’t have this freedom, but more that I made the conscious choice to sacrifice some of it. The only downside of that is feeling like I no longer have a balance in my life. I need to get that back so I have decided to not set such hard restrictions on myself. I’ve decided to live just a little bit wild again. This new choice is part of what is going to make my upcoming projects in Ireland and Barcelona so much more fun. I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I get myself into with this little bit of extra freedom I have decided to give myself!

You can shop my new favorite Urban Outfitters Dress in the links below the images. The D’Orsay flats have not been removed from my feet since I received them!

xx Meagan