Boy With a Knife

Everyone loves a good party, but wouldn’t you love it just a little bit more with a personal chef? How about if that personal chef was also good looking and was making you dinner in a Penthouse with all of your girlfriends? Yeah, no one could possibly say no to that.

This past weekend we had this luxury as a Boy With A Knife came in to cater to our every need as we celebrated one very special Bachelorette (stay tuned for more on this coming up next week). They created a three course masterpiece in the kitchen while we drank cocktails and danced around the room in an untamed manner with friends. They even poured our drinks and buzzed people into the building so everyone could focus on the lucky lady. We loved them so much we forced them to stay after the meal and have a Pina Colada or two before they headed off. The truth is they were so awesome we didn’t even want them to leave!

You can see each work of art created that night below and you can find more information on how to reserve them for your own event on

I want to send a big thank you to the Boy With a Knife team (we really loved you) and to my big sister Jennifer who found these guys and organized the whole event in celebration of her best friend. It was a lot of work and she deserves a ton of credit for making this event so beautiful!

xx Meagan