We all know how much I love Vega. It’s really no secret because I blab about them all of the time and I’m about to keep going so get ready.

Vega just launched the new #bestlifeproject and it’s right up my alley.  It’s all about sharing your life and inspiring others, making people laugh and being a part of something bigger and being the best version of ourselves. I kind of think this idea lines up perfectly with the Living Boldly mantra don’t you? While I hope that I am inspiring others to live their best life, I really think this project does it better. Use the hashtag #bestlifeproject and witness what the world is doing to have the best life.

It’s all focused around Instagram, but even if you’re not an avid Instagrammer, there’s something there for you to witness.

Every week they release 5 Challenges and you can pick all or a few of them and share and image (or ten) that relates to that challenge.

Challenges are pulled from these 5 areas of life:

  • Eat, Move, Connect, Recharge, Adventure

JOIN THE MOVEMENT by tagging your Instagram pictures (New or old) showing how you are living your best life with #BestLifeProject. #BestLifeProject is going to be around for good—we want to create a community of inspiration with people like you who are living life to the fullest!

Remember, Instagram lets you edit your old photo descriptions now (YAY!), so it’s easy to add to the description or just put the hashtag in the comments.

How are you living your best life? SHOW ME! I DARE YOU!

xx Meagan

Here are some of my examples of how I live mine and you can shop my fitness gear in the SHOP