Behind the Scenes of NYFW


Well, I’m back! New York Fashion Week was a blur of amazingness and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. Our trip was jam packed with events and shows with a schedule so tight we could hardly remember to eat and the best part is that every.single.second of it was worth it.

NYC left me feeling inspired and motivated. We were surrounded by all of the great bloggers of our time, sitting next to them and conversing about all of the reasons why we love what we do and how amazing it is to be apart of something like New York Fashion Week.

The city itself is thriving and just being there has a way of making you hungry for success. Everyone around New York seemed to walk with a purpose, as if they were on their way to something great, making you just as determined to reach your own destination. Hell, my walk to the Starbucks on the corner felt more like a glory mission than a caffeine fix…

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things we did throughout the city during our time there. Stay tuned for our full story debut in a few weeks!

Photo and video by the lovely Alexa

Another big thank you to Airbnb and for helping us make this trip a reality. We wouldn’t have had such an amazing time without them!

Some of my favorite items worn in NYC:

Thanks for following along!

xx Meagan