Bayalage with Axis Hair

Okay, I have to take a minute here to talk about Axis before we get into the details of Bayalage. Axis is the first salon I have entered where I was treated like a friend INSTANTLY instead of a customer. Renee, one of the owners, met up with me for a coffee a while back and told me a little bit about Axis and how they can help my hair situation – trust me, it’s a dire situation. What impressed me the most was how passionate she was about her team and their values. They pride themselves on treating one another like family, and helping one another the same way. It’s not a one man shop, it’s a team environment and the way they care about one another is visible the minute you walk through their doors.

Meeting Katie, my hair savior, was no different. She’s down to earth, hard working and just as passionate about her art as anyone. I came in late, on a weekday and she stayed after hours to work on my handful of a head. It took hours, and she didn’t complain, or even yawn once. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was the one falling asleep because it was so late, even though she had also just worked a full day!

I can’t thank the team enough for bringing me into the Axis family, I don’t think I can ever leave now!

Now, onto the stuff you really want to hear about. BAYALAGE! Some of you might be thinking WTH is Bayalage.. so think of it as the new and MUCH improved Ombre trend.. without the risk of patches.

Here’s how Katie explains it:

“Balayage is a form of highlighting that is done freehand by painting the hair with lightener. It can look natural and sun kissed or be bold and dramatic depending on your application. It is a great tool for ombrés. I love the modern dimensional looks I can create with balayage, and I love that I can tailor all my colours to every clients specific needs.”

“We chose it for you (me) because you had a dark build up of old dark colour making the overall look a bit flat and dull (TRUTH). We balayaged highlights focusing around your face and toned them just a couple shades lighter than your base. This kept the look natural and within the darker red colours you enjoy… But more shine, depth, richness and dimension.”

Here’s the Before and After:








I want to say a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Katie and the Axis team for saving my hair, and being so awesome. If you are looking for a new salon downtown, this is your place. Trust me.

Oh and if you were big into Ombre, you should give Bayalage a try, you will love it- I promise!

xx Meagan

  • La Cosa Preziosa

    Beautiful balayage effect. It’s always hard to find the right tone for brunette hair, but here they nailed it!

    )))Sound Reflections