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I’m finally getting back into my routine after travelling for a month. It’s amazing what one month off can do and how it can make you feel. My jiggly bits have returned, god bless them!

The truth is, even without the excuse of traveling, I’ve been finding that I have been tired more than normal and have been having difficulty waking up for my morning run. I’ve been working long hours and have been jamming my schedule more than I should and have worn myself out as a result. My commitment to myself is to shake this habit and remember that balance is the key to my health.

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Thankfully, adidas has come out with a new interactive platform to help encourage runners to get out and #runmore. It compiles a list of users running routes in each city, opening them up to the rest of the running community and giving them full access to a new set of running routes. It’s a great way to keep your routes interesting. The location in the photo’s is a bit of an urban run, winding through the back streets and alleys of Granville Island. It’s one of my favorite routes because it’s not populated with a swarm of other runners which can sometimes be overwhelming when you just want to zone out.

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adidas has also teamed up with Spotify to create their own set of playlists to keep you motivated on your run. If you’re into high-energy runs like myself, you’ll dig the Canal Comet playlist. You can check it out HERE. To learn more about runmore, check out the website HERE, maybe we can encourage each other and try a new route and share it in the comment section below as we go! As an extra incentive, adidas has offered to give one lucky follower a special prize! All you need to do to participate is share and post your own ‘hidden gem’ route and to tag in your picture or @livingboldlyca in your tweet, while also using the hashtag #runmore! adidas will then randomly select one lucky follower to win some free gear to get started!

Happy running everyone and goodluck!

xx Meagan

Photos by Sarah Boland