A Weekend in Whistler



On Thanksgiving weekend we were lucky enough to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and run off on a mountain getaway in Whistler – which was so necessary after the crazy week I had! We drove up early Saturday morning, dropped off our bags at the Westin Restort & Spa and immediately hit the village for a stroll. Unfortunately, we weren’t out there for too long as there was a bit of a monsoon in Whistler that weekend. The rain was so heavy that it soaked through our waterproof shoes and somehow destroyed my umbrella. Just my luck. After getting pummelled by rain pellets for a few hours, we decided to admit defeat and surrender to our cozy suite back at the Westin where we stayed for the rest of the night and most of the next day. We didn’t want to risk drowning by leaving again and we were so warm in our rooms that they made it a pretty easy decision for us to stay inside. The only time we left was to make our dinner reservations at the Grill & Vine which is located on the main floor of the resort. Let’s just say the food (and wine) was definitely worth the 3 minute walk from our rooms. After filling ourselves with more than enough food for three days in one sitting, we decided to brave the minute long walk back to the room so we could watch movies continue to be lazy by the fireplace (with more wine).


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The next morning was a bit difficult because we really didn’t want to get out of bed for a few obvious reasons, but we made a commitment to hit the gym that day in an effort to recover from the food overload from the night before. The gym, complete with a pool, hot-tub, and a mountain view made it a pretty good alternative.  My body must have agreed because somehow it managed to complete an entire set of sprint intervals without dying! Woop!

Sadly after the out of body workout experience, it was time to check out and we were both stuck with the feeling of wishing we could stay longer. We owe this feeling of despair to the Westin for being such good hosts, so good that we never wanted to leave!

xx Meagan

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