A Throwback to My Hidden Paradise

Today I want to throwback to one of my favorite places in Europe. Not because of it’s size or popularity, but because it’s completely the opposite. You see, I went to Athens and thought that if I wanted to go to Santorini and Mykonos, my best bet was to stay near the port and travel between them by ferry. I didn’t realize that I was there during slow season and that the frequency and distance between the islands I wanted to see would take me days, and well, I only had 3 and was unfortunately booked in a hotel with a zero cancellation policy.

The closest island I could get to with frequent ferries was Aegena. I was told it was small, and there was not a lot to see but still “it’s an island” they said. Oh well, why not give it a go?

I went, and when I got there I was in love. It’s old architecture untouched by tourism and it’s nearly empty beaches and +30 weather offered me a solitude I was not expecting and I loved every second of it. I fell asleep for 3 hours at a random resort on Marathon Beach which offered your free lounge chairs as long as you ordered from their menu (which was more than affordable  and run by a local family).  Who could argue with that? I also found the BEST PISTACHIOS EVER at a stand on the port and bought myself and my friends bags of them because I had never had fresher, more amazing pistachios in the world. YUM.

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