A Pit Stop at Manitou Beach

As much as I love travelling, I have to admit that this weekend’s adventures were not for the purpose of fun. My sister and I were on our way to our Grandmother’s funeral in a small town outside of Regina where she had chosen to have her funeral. Although the purpose of the trip was not enjoyable, we made the most of it on the way home by stopping to see some beautiful and rare sights!

Manitou beach was one of them. The waters at the beach are known for their high salt levels resulting in increased buoyancy or the ability to float. This place has also been called the Dead Sea of Canada because the mineral count is so high. I am not sure I would go so far as to call it the Dead Sea, because it’s pretty quaint in comparison…but the salt levels are so high that you can even lay back and read a book while floating in suspension. Awesome right? I had more fun with Photoshop on these shots. I decided to make Polaroids from them. We also stopped at a bright yellow Canola field somewhere along the road. There are hundreds of them in Saskatchewan, but you never get to see them when you live in the city like me. Places like this always remind me of the beauty in the world.

For outfit details you can get these shorts from HERE and the shirt you can find a similar one HERE although the original is from H&M last year.

xx Meagan