A New York Fairytale

In honor of New York Fashion Week, I felt it important to do a throwback and a tribute to my time in NYC to celebrate the wedding of my beautiful sister Jennifer. She is the beauty in the family and once you see these images you will know why. Did I mention her wedding was done by Martha Stewart and featured in Wedding Magazine? Crazy right? She also has an amazing and renowned makeup artist Nikola of ByNikola as a best friend so it’s safe to say there was nothing about this wedding that was anything shy of perfect! I am so thankful that I got to share this moment with her and my now brother in-law Tyler.

I love this city for all of it’s sights and shopping locations and for all of the fun we had on this weekend. Even if I was underage at the time! 😉

xx Meagan


new york 16

new york 15

New York 4

New york 5

new york 6

new york 11

new york 12

new york 13

new york 14


  • Jennifer H

    You are beauty too my sister.

  • Tyler

    Such great pics you found. Thanks for the throw back sis!