A Journey to the North Pole


Yesterday I had the most rewarding day I have had in a long time. Air Transat invited me to board a plane to the North Pole along side 200 very special children from a Children’s Wish Foundation. We were on a very special mission to find Santa and bring him back to Vancouver to visit all of the children. Santa surprised us by magically boarding the plane while in mid-air. He greeted each child and filled their day with so much holiday cheer as he passed out presents and hugs to every single child on the plane. It was hard to hold back my own tears after seeing how much this day meant to so many of these kids. For those of you who don’t know, each child who is a part of the Children’s Wish Foundation is suffering from a life threatening illness. Days like these have such a HUGE impact on the life of these kids, it lets them enjoy moments that they might never get to have with the people that mean the most to them – their families. I can’t stress enough how important this day was to them and how special it was to me to be a part of it.

Ps. If you are wondering about photos, we didn’t take many as we wanted to respect the families on board without bombarding them with too many cameras, but if you watched the news yesterday (and probably today too) you will see the magic live.

Yesterday’s outfit details are below!






  • Crystal Goldsberry

    Very inspiring! So glad you were able to be apart of it ❤️