A DIY Granola recipe from DIY_and_Me!

Hey guys! So sorry for the late post this weekend. I have caught a bit of a bug and feel like I have been sleeping for the last two days! It’s like I woke up and all of a sudden the weekend was over… so sad right?

This week my friend Terri over at DIYandme.com have a special collaboration recipe for you. She will show you how to make the granola and I will tell you different ways on how to eat and serve the granola below the video.

Terri, thank you so much again for putting this together. You are a fabulous girl and are so sincere!

xx Meagan

As promised, here are 3 different ways to eat granola:

1.) As a breakfast cereal in the morning: Simply top with milk and if you are like me, add a couple of bananas and voila!


2.) As a healthy mid-day snack: For my mid-day snack I usually like to add fresh berries to my DIY granola and add top it with yogurt. If you like to get creative with your food or make it presentable you can layer it in a glass cup like the picture below. A great idea for a friendly brunch!


3.) Finally and probably the most guilty way of eating granola is as a dessert. Throw in some chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows and make yourself some smores. Seal it in a mason jar and when you are ready to eat it, drizzle it with a little more chocolate and eat yourself into heaven. I reccommend this for special occasions and probably not an everyday meal or you will defeat the purpose of the healthy granola…


I hope you guys enjoyed this collaboration! Remember to follow all of Terri’s DIY ideas on www.DIYandme.com.

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