10 Cozy Sweaters for the Starving Student!

Hey everyone,

While desperately holding on to my last days before I head back to school in January, I started thinking about my finances and how thankful I am that I have been working in my career for long enough to cover the cost of schooling and living on my own in a pretty nice apartment downtown. I feel pretty blessed to have worked this hard and to have come this far and I remember exactly what it was like when I didn’t have what I have now. It inspired me to make this next post in the gift idea series for all of the starving students out there. I know first hand how tough it can be to support yourself and still treat yourselves and your friends. So this one is for you! Here are 10 cozy sweaters for under $60. Hopefully you get to treat yourselves to a little something special this Christmas too!

xx Meagan