What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition

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Some of you may be wondering what kinds of goodies I bring in my tote bag when I travel. There’s a few necessities that are absolutely crucial for my survival during fashion month.

1. Flats – I will do my best to always have an extra pair of flats near by. If not, my feet would just be destroyed from wearing heels all the time.

2. Makeup – Just a few necessities like mascara, eyeshadow and concealer. I’m not a heavy makeup wearer in general, but these things are the best things to have on hand in case of a last minute meeting.

3. Razor – I know what you’re thinking… ummmm… What?? Well, have you ever been asked to go swimming while on a trip, but realized you hadn’t um.. “trimmed” in a while? Well, it’s happened to me more times than I can count. I’ve learned my lesson and now carry one with me in my tote because you never know what could happen. My Schick Hydrosilk Trim razor has become my secret best friend.

4. Sunglasses – I have a really bad habit of squinting if I don’t wear my sunglasses. Squinting causes wrinkles and I just don’t want anything to do with those.

5. Camera – Not seen here, because I was obviously using it for the photo! 🙂

6. Hairbrush – My hair is a rats nest 97% of the time so I always need one

7. Moneys – all the cards, moneys and obvious things you should have in your bag of course!

Depending on the day, I may change up what goes in my bag. For the most part these are the things I feel I need with me all of the time. I tend to pack for what-if situations because I have found myself stuck in so many places wishing I had prepared better. Maybe your what-if situations are different than mine. If that’s the case, just think of something you don’t want to happen while you’re away, or something you don’t want to be stuck without and include that in your bag instead.

Happy Travels friends!