The Power of Confidence

Confidence, a word so many of us struggle with. Being in the public eye supposedly takes a lot of confidence, but unfortunately it’s something I struggle with all of the time. One thing I have learned over the last few months is how valuable it is to feel confident not only in myself, but in my work. I’ve been struggling with managing my time and tasks over the last few months and have had to hire a few people to help me out. Unfortunately, being spread thin often means things get missed and I instantly start worrying that I have let someone down. When it comes to brand projects, I often worry that I will lose the relationship or project altogether. This leads me to doubt myself and things just snowball from there.

I’ve decided that this isn’t the way I want to function or run my business, and that I have to start feeling confident in my product and my abilities again, because ultimately people are people and it’s my work that speaks for itself. To start regaining my confidence, I recently started reading a book called “You Are A Badass” that talks all about getting over self-doubt. In just a few weeks I was able to really turn a corner and start looking at myself and my work in a much healthier way. Within a couple of days, projects started flowing in and I was confident with my responses, and voila – instant success just with a change in my mindset!

The #PowerOfConfidence is so strong, that even a quick change in mindset could mean success for someone. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, and you will literally begin to feel it. Tell yourself your work is worth something, and others will believe it too! Don’t be afraid of yourself, you are amazing, #GoBeyond your personal doubts! Face adversity head on and push yourself to break your boundaries. You will never regret that you did!

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