Brighter Eyes for the Holidays – Beauty Giveaway!

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In celebration of the Holiday Season, Racinne Canada and I are putting together a little beauty giveaway where we will be giving you the chance to win one of their “Bright Eyes, Bright Holiday” sets featuring the innovative Lady M device! What makes this kit so special is the Lady M massaging ion applicator itself. It’s revolutionary iontophoresis technology uses a galvanic current to optimize product absorption into the skin. In other words, it means you get the maximum benefit from your skincare.


Another cool thing about this gadget is how it is only activated by touch. This is my favorite feature because I tend to throw everything (and I mean everything) into my purse. I literally cannot count the amount of times I have had my camera turn on from hitting something. The worst part is I usually don’t notice it until my battery is completely drained.


There are four different Bright Eyes, Bright Holiday gift sets available at right now and they are all under $65!. The one I’m featuring for you here is the ANTI-AGING LADY M BRIGHT SET which includes the Lady M and the Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum and is priced at $60.


This combination is like an injection without the needles. The Lady M allows the Ultimate Youth Power Serum’s highly potent vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin at maximum strength. It’s unique vibrations also help to stimulate the collagen in the skin! That’s why the two of these make the perfect set for the holidays. To tell you (and show you) a little bit more about the Lady M and how it works, I’ve made a little educational video for you below. To find out more about the giveaway, head to my Instagram to see how to enter! Best of luck and Happy Holidays!!


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