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Posted on Jan, 27, 2015

One look, Two Ways

One look, Two Ways

Hey guys,

I had such an awesome time this weekend with one of my besties from Calgary. We hadn’t seen each other since I moved back to Vancouver which was almost a year ago now. We drank a little too much wine on Friday and shopped around the city for the rest of the weekend. Here are some of the shots from this weekend adventure. My dad always said that alcohol would rob you of your youth and beauty… you can definitely see its effects in my eyes in these ones.. I promise I wasn’t sleeping!

Here’s two ways I wore my new Chambray shirt from Forever 21!

xx Meagan

Shop all outfit details here:







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Posted on Jan, 22, 2015

The Ideal Reading Break

The Ideal Reading Break

There are a couple of reasons why students tend to think February is an awesome month. For starters,  the juniors are all excited  for Valentine’s Day . I mean, this is a big University/sea  with so many more fish in it than high school!! SO MUCH POTENTIAL! It also pretty much guarantees you will get a date.

The REAL February kicker is Reading Break though. Yes, we know we are all supposed to use this week of free time to study, read and catch up on all of our homework… but let’s be real. 90% of students are going to use this time as an extra vacation and will probably be jetting off to foreign places while using their flight time to cram in the studies. I don’t know about you guys, but this is my method. If I go somewhere 8 hours away, there and back I will get in 16 hours of study time!! That’s enough right?

While I am still trying to justify my decisions, why don’t we brainstorm where we should head off to this break shall we?

Contiki tours are the typical go-to for students because of their flexibility, affordability and they’re fun. I know I rave about them all of the time, but how can I not? They do it right every time! Here are a few ideas to get you guys inspired for your next “Reading” break.

You can also shop some of my travel necessities below. Have fun reading!!

xx Meagan

Sun Seeker? 

Waikiki Explorer: Hawaii, an iconic destination known for its lush wildlife, breezy island weather and laid-back vibe. What could be a better contrast to a crowded classroom? The Waikiki Explorer is perfect as a short holiday, and with Contiki, travellers have a group of friends all equally amped to explore. Spend time snorkeling, strolling the beach or enjoying a big night out on Oahu island!

Yucatan Highlights: Oh Mexico, the country that truly has it all. Crammed full of rich cultural tradition and diverse geography, there is something for everyone – from the hot beach playground of Cancun to the jungles of the Yucatan and from the World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza to the thriving metropolis of Mexico City. At every turn, there is so much to see and do. Travellers will be immersed in adventure activities, water sports, cultural sites, an unbelievable variety of food, and a sizzling nightlife. Mexico turns up the heat.






Powder Rush in BC & AlbertaTime-crunched students can stay in Canada and experience some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding. No need to book lift tickets, organize gear rentals or grocery shop for a shared chalet – Contiki has all the details covered. See Canada’s best ski hills on this small group adventure to Whistler and Banff, with an included flight to save travel time.

Austria Ski: Hit the slopes by day and après-ski by night, all from Contiki’s very own authentic Austrian gasthof (guest inn). Located in Hofgarten, Austria, part of the “SkiWelt” region offering 279km of runs, this winter epicentre has been voted ‘World’s Best Ski Area’ out of 70 resorts in 8 countries for the last 3 years. Contiki travellers can fully embrace the fresh, winter air with private ski lessons and explore new trails each day. Get to Austria conveniently on the Contiki coach from London, or meet up with your group on the hill for one or two full weeks of fun. Click below for a video of Contiki’s Winter & Ski trips.




Looking for a deal? Visit Contiki’s Last Minute Deals page and find incredible worldwide trips that fit a student’s budget. Plus, save an extra 7.5% in Early Payment Discounts* applicable on all trips to Asia booked and paid in full before January 29, 2015 and European trips booked and paid in full before February 26, 2015.Travellers can also register for Contiki Part Pay. It’s an easy way for friends and family to contribute to the cost of a new adventure, or to budget savings before embarking on the trip of a lifetime. Visit to get started.



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Posted on Jan, 19, 2015

Cozy Compression

Cozy Compression

Have you guys heard the buzz on Compression Socks? They are said to help energize your legs, reduce swelling, prevent blood clots.. and look good! Well the last part isn’t really a part of the science behind them, but might as well throw that in there.

I occasionally suffer from swelling after running and soccer. I’m not sure of the cause of it, most likely a circulatory issue… but compression socks have been a life saver when it comes to counteracting this. I personally prefer the one’s from Dr. Segal’s for two reasons.

1.) They are a local Vancouver brand that is blowing up (you can see them on Dragon’s Den soon!)
2.) They have an awesome variety, perfect for whatever style you may have.

Also, if you are worried about looking fashionable, opt for plain colours and wear them as your high-knee socks.. no one will be able to tell the difference and when someone asks you what keeps your legs looking so great, you can tell them your secret and watch their mouths drop!

Happy Socking!

PS – Don’t mind the dark circles under my eyes… #iwokeuplikethis

xx Meagan

Shop my outfit here:








All photos taken by Sara at

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Posted on Jan, 15, 2015

10 Hot and Affordable Beauty Products!

Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking what I use for beauty products and I have to be honest, I am NEVER consistent! I try so many new products all of the time because there are always so many new things to choose from and my skin can be picky. This usually means I have to try a few different things to find out what works best for me. It’s not great on the wallet that’s for sure, but here are 10 hot beauty must-tries that wont break the bank!

xx Meagan

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Posted on Jan, 14, 2015

The Right Running Shoe

The Right Running Shoe

Before the holidays, I rolled my ankle in soccer and didn’t think much of it. I mean every soccer player goes through an ankle roll once in a while so why should I be phased? I have a marathon to train for. I am a machine. Unstoppable. Come at me world!!

This is what I told myself as I ran 5 days a week after this little incident. The truth is, I didn’t even notice the bruising or the pain until a week later. I had been running the whole time virtually pain free until one day, my ankle hurt a little more than normal, was a little more black than normal, and slightly chubbier than I would like to admit. “Okay, so you’re still human, but superwoman still ain’t got shit on you” is what I told myself as I limped around my apartment on the 6th day. By day 8 I gave up my stubborn behavior and forced myself into the walk-in-clinic after my doctor friend told  me I had likely had a stress fracture. Great! Do you know what one of the main causes of a stress fracture is when you are a runner? Bad shoes.

Luckily, there was no break and I had just suffered a very bad sprain that I aggravated from continuing to run without giving it proper rest. The truth is if I kept that up, I probably would have ended up with a fracture anyways so it was good I went to the doctor when I did.

Running in good shoes is one of the most important things for a runner and I neglected to get the right ones. Even though I thought I had done my homework, I still ended up being wrong.

Here’s how you can avoid my mistake:

1.) Don’t get the pretty ones – unless you have talked to a shoe specialist and they have confirmed that this shoe is both pretty AND the right shoe for you (no, the salesperson doesn’t count unless you are at a specialized store)

2.) Do your homework. Runner’s World publishes plenty of articles designed to help you pick the right shoe for you.

3.) Try on the shoe! The size of your foot changes and different brands fit differently.

4.) Keep count – your shoes need to be replaced every  300 to 500 miles. Replace them as you wear them down.

What shoe do I recommend?

New Balance – I love them and here are two really good shoes – BUT ASK A SPECIALIST which is right for you.

1. ) New Balance 1080v2 sets the tone in the premium neutral category for high mileage runners looking for a shoe packed with superior cushioning, while delivering lightest in its class. Infused with innovative technology, the runner is brought closer to the ground (8mm drop) compared to the 880v2, to encourage a more natural foot strike.

2.) New Balance 890v2, offering a new meaning to lightweight  thanks to a REVlite midsole foam and soft, supple beautiful upper. This neutral trainer is packed with performance and speed, while offering the durability and protection of an everyday trainer to endure lots of miles. With a lower heel drop (8mm drop), this shoe puts the foot in a more natural position.



** images via Pinterest

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